Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Heal Your Life Workshop Testimonials

Loretta you are an inspirational workshop leader. You have helped me to deal with a life changing situation. Your support and guidance has been truly wonderful. You have made the process safe and made me feel protected. Thank you Loretta for helping me to heal my life. I would recommend anyone to attend your Heal Your Life Workshops as it is life changing. Thank you. C. Walsh Crewe, UK

I thoroughly enjoyed my 2 day Louise Hay workshop run by Loretta Whelan. The course provided real opportunities for personal growth and gave me extremely useful insights about myself. I also felt well equipped to continue with the Louise Hay development tools once the course was over. Loretta was an excellent facilitator who guided us through the 2 days very sensitively and supportively. I would highly recommend this workshop J.S. Dublin, Ireland

The Heal Your Life weekend had a dramatic impact on me. I thought I’d already worked through and solved a lot of my problems and that my life was on an even keel again. Little did I know what I still had to drag up from the depths. I was a bit nervous about attending, because I had no idea what it would entail (while I’m a Louise fan, there’s a solid 15% I think is a bit daft) but I figured it turned up in my life at that specific time for a good reason. I’m so glad I went. It taught me about patterns in my life and where they come from, how to identify and change all the ‘beliefs’ I had about myself. I could have read all the books in the world, but working with the small group of people, sharing and helping each other, I learnt more about myself in two days than I ever thought possible.

Loretta is a wonderful teacher and leader, she brought so much support and guidance to the room and comfort too when it was needed.... and you will need it, because you will cry…!!! It was emotional, engaging, terrifying, but enlightening and I walked away walking taller and stronger as a result with some incredible memories that still make me smile. Thank you Loretta. Clare, Dublin, Ireland

Loretta is a fabulous gifted, creative, effective and motivating leader. Her informative and intuitive skills created a safe, sharing, caring inter-active atmosphere. This enabled me to become more aware of my thought patterns and deep rooted beliefs. This insightful process allowed me to release limiting patterns. Wow! Such a wonderful and transforming way to enhance my life journey. Thanks,S.Baker, Belfast

It was truly marvellous to take part in one of Loretta's healing workshops. She has such an uplifting and caring way when working with people. I strongly recommend her Thank You! Sari, Finland.

I encourage everyone to attend Loretta's workshop who is seeking enlightenment on how to improve and seek better relationships in their life. She enlightened us as to why we may not be as fulfilled as we deserve to be in our relationships. She provided us with techniques to move us forward. Loretta is very caring, insightful and supportive. I am very grateful for attending Loretta's workshop. J. Day, New Forest, UK

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