Friday, July 30, 2010

About Nurture Therapies

Nurture Therapies is a Complementary Therapy & You Can Heal Your Life Workshop (based on philosophy of Louise L. Hay) practice run by Loretta Whelan.

Loretta is a member of the National Register of Reflexologists of Ireland NRRI; Irish Massage Therapy Association IMTA; Reiki Association of Ireland RAI and is a licenced and certified Heal Your Life Workshop facilitator (based on philosophy of Louise L. Hay).

The imagery used on the website, fliers and business cards have many meanings. The thought processes behind the visuals & animation on the website shows the power of nature & mother earth, ancient wisdom of the tree as it moves through the seasons deepening its roots, the power of the still of night , lush fertile grass, womb in the hill, guidance from the heavens and the stars, feminine energy of the moon, calmness of the relaxing blue colours & flow of water showing infinity. The rainbow heart symbol represents the essence of life itself and without its energy the synergy and flow of love in our lives would cease to exist.

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Loretta Whelan mNRRI, mIMTA, mRAI