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Holistic Massage Research

Massage Can Help Prevent Sickness

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A recent study has shown that people who have massages gain the benefit of a ‘tuned’ immune system. Of course the well known benefits of having a massage are also there, such as reduction of stress and easing away of tension, but this new addition is a measurable benefit that hasn’t been recorded before.

The study was carried out by Dr. Mark Rapaport at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. He and his colleagues enrolled 53 people in the study. 24 of them received a gentle and light touch type of massage, whereas the other 29 volunteers received a Swedish massage which is the most popular type of massage in the US. The sessions lasted for 45 minutes.

A Blood sample was taken both before and after the massage was performed and the results clearly showed that after one Swedish massage there was a significant and positive change in the composition of the blood.

Dr Rapaport said that "This research indicates that massage doesn't only feel good, it also may be good for you," adding that "People often seek out massage as part of a healthy lifestyle but there hasn't been much physiological proof of the body's heightened immune response following massage until now."

There were three measured benefits that the Swedish massage volunteer group experienced. One was a reduction in cortisol levels which is an adrenal gland hormone that gets released when stress levels go up. The second was a reduction in arginine vasopressin which is a hormone that is connected to aggressive behaviour. The third was a major increase in the disease fighting and preventing lymphocytes (white blood cells) in the body.

The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine published the study.

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Affirmations Basic Guidelines

Affirmations are positive present tense statements that you read, say or listen to with a recording of yourself.

The aim with positive affirmations is to repeat a statement over and over again, day after day, until it makes an impression on your subconscious. Once this occurs, your subconscious mind will sense a difference between what it sees as being "real" and your outer physical world.

So while the changes are happening you may feel resistance and blocks perhaps negativity. Just acknowledge the negativity, thank it and let it go. It will seem almost magical the way doors and opportunities open up for you everywhere in order to make that affirmation a reality.

Some basic rules:

1. They must be personal. You are going to use the words "I" and "My" in each case. For example, a proper affirmation would be "I give myself permission to prosper" "My heart is willing to allow love flow freely" “My income is constantly increasing”

2. They must be positive. You would state your affirmation like this: "I eat healthy meals each day." A negative, and thus ineffective affirmation, would be "I don't eat junk food."
You see, although the subconscious is a powerful tool, it is still rather simple. It sees what you are saying as images rather than words, and so it can't comprehend words like "don't" and "can't." When you say, "I don't eat junk food," your subconscious mind brings up an image of you and junk food, and you actually begin to reinforce the behaviour that you are trying to change.

3. They must be in present tense. Logically you would think to make the affirmation in the future tense, as in "I will be successful in my business." But this isn't the case. When you put your statement out into some distant future, no tension is created within the subconscious mind, and therefore no imprinting or changes will occur. You see, when you say that you will be successful someday, you are also implying that you are not successful now. That matches exactly with what your subconscious knows to be true, and therefore no change.

4. Another useful tip is to get some index cards or post it notes and clearly write out your affirmation in big, bold lettering. Place these cards around your environment so that you see them constantly. Place one by your bed, one on your refrigerator, one on your bathroom mirror, one on the steering wheel of your car (please don't try to read the affirmation while you're driving!!!!), one by your computer and so on in places where you will see them often.

5. As soon as you wake up in the morning and right before you fall asleep at night, say your affirmation out loud many times.

6. When you repeat these statements, speak with enthusiasm, and smile knowing that with each affirmation read, you are deepening the imprint on your subconscious mind. Each time you see any of the other index cards that you wrote the affirmation on, say the statement out loud whenever possible again with enthusiasm and faith.

I know that it sounds over simplistic, but this mind technique has worked for many including myself and can work for you if you maintain the discipline to carry it out. Be patient as some Affirmations take longer than others.

'Everything I need to know comes to me, I am safe'

Warm wishes Loretta x
(Adapted from Greg Frost)

Heal Your Life Workshop Testimonials

Loretta you are an inspirational workshop leader. You have helped me to deal with a life changing situation. Your support and guidance has been truly wonderful. You have made the process safe and made me feel protected. Thank you Loretta for helping me to heal my life. I would recommend anyone to attend your Heal Your Life Workshops as it is life changing. Thank you. C. Walsh Crewe, UK

I thoroughly enjoyed my 2 day Louise Hay workshop run by Loretta Whelan. The course provided real opportunities for personal growth and gave me extremely useful insights about myself. I also felt well equipped to continue with the Louise Hay development tools once the course was over. Loretta was an excellent facilitator who guided us through the 2 days very sensitively and supportively. I would highly recommend this workshop J.S. Dublin, Ireland

The Heal Your Life weekend had a dramatic impact on me. I thought I’d already worked through and solved a lot of my problems and that my life was on an even keel again. Little did I know what I still had to drag up from the depths. I was a bit nervous about attending, because I had no idea what it would entail (while I’m a Louise fan, there’s a solid 15% I think is a bit daft) but I figured it turned up in my life at that specific time for a good reason. I’m so glad I went. It taught me about patterns in my life and where they come from, how to identify and change all the ‘beliefs’ I had about myself. I could have read all the books in the world, but working with the small group of people, sharing and helping each other, I learnt more about myself in two days than I ever thought possible.

Loretta is a wonderful teacher and leader, she brought so much support and guidance to the room and comfort too when it was needed.... and you will need it, because you will cry…!!! It was emotional, engaging, terrifying, but enlightening and I walked away walking taller and stronger as a result with some incredible memories that still make me smile. Thank you Loretta. Clare, Dublin, Ireland

Loretta is a fabulous gifted, creative, effective and motivating leader. Her informative and intuitive skills created a safe, sharing, caring inter-active atmosphere. This enabled me to become more aware of my thought patterns and deep rooted beliefs. This insightful process allowed me to release limiting patterns. Wow! Such a wonderful and transforming way to enhance my life journey. Thanks,S.Baker, Belfast

It was truly marvellous to take part in one of Loretta's healing workshops. She has such an uplifting and caring way when working with people. I strongly recommend her Thank You! Sari, Finland.

I encourage everyone to attend Loretta's workshop who is seeking enlightenment on how to improve and seek better relationships in their life. She enlightened us as to why we may not be as fulfilled as we deserve to be in our relationships. She provided us with techniques to move us forward. Loretta is very caring, insightful and supportive. I am very grateful for attending Loretta's workshop. J. Day, New Forest, UK

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Complementary Therapies in Pregnancy

Reflexology, Massage, Reiki & Exercise in Pregnancy
Details extracted from Dr. Gowri Motha
BIRTHFIT means that the mother is:
Physically fit and supple at term
Confident and emotionally in control
Capable of meeting the demands of birth
Knows and understands how to manage labour
Normalizing the normal
By being BIRTHFIT you have the optimal chance of having a Gentle Birth a dream of mothers and fathers.

This specific type of treatment of the feet is offered throughout pregnancy (CAUTION is not recommended before first trimester of pregnancy). Reflexology has been found to ease common symptoms of pregnancy and facilitate the smooth progress of labour. It can also help mothers to give birth in a shorter time, which helps mothers to feel energetic after giving birth.
Reflexology in Pregnancy
Dr Motha pioneered the use of Reflexology for pregnant mothers in London in 1987. She then set up "The Gentle Birth Preparation Programme" (now called "The Jeyarani Way" Gentle Birth Method) that included Reflexology as one of the main components. Dr Motha has written articles and also lectured on Reflexology in pregnancy to the Association of Reflexologists and obstetric units throughout the UK. Her extensive years of experience and knowledge have made her one of the foremost experts of the use of Reflexology in pregnancy in the world.
Safety of Reflexology in Pregnancy Reflexology has been performed by Dr Motha and her team throughout pregnancy and has been found to be safe during pregnancy in terms of helping mothers to go all the way to term and beyond, with a reduction of the common symptoms of pregnancy. However, before 12 weeks gestation (before the placenta is fully established) Dr Motha generally advises a GENTLE foot massage, concentrating on LIGHT drainage and working only on the upper areas of the foot.
Despite the fact that we have found Reflexology to be safe during pregnancy, occasionally there have been reports that Midwives have told expectant mothers not to have reflexology during pregnancy as it might provoke miscarriage or bring on early labour. Dr Laurence Wood, Obstetric Consultant at Walsgrave Hospital, Coventry asked us to research this. Dr Motha then presented our findings at the “Clinical Governance in Maternity Services Meeting's at the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecologists on 16th November 2001. For this study we established the gestation of the baby born to all mothers (who we were able to contact) who had had any reflexology in pregnancy with a Jeyarani practitioner between the years of 1997 and 2001. As can be seen from the graph on the website the majority (45.5%) of babies were born at 40 weeks gestation. Only 1.7% of babies were born at 36 weeks, these babies were twins.
Benefits of Reflexology in Pregnancy
Reflexology can help with all the major and minor symptoms of pregnancy. Moreover, Dr Motha and her team also find Reflexology a useful technique in identifying areas of the mother's body that requires additional attention and that may benefit from another treatment, such as Creative Healing or Bowen therapy.
Dr Motha has researched Reflexology in pregnancy; the main results of this study are shown below; these results were presented at the First European Conference on Reflexology in 1994
Research on Reflexology in Pregnancy and on labour outcomes
Dr. Gowri Motha, Ms Zia Rowji and Dr. Jane McGrath.
In 1992-93 Reflexology was offered free of cost to 64 pregnant women from 20 weeks of pregnancy to term, in Forest Gate, London. Thirty-seven completed the set course of 10 treatments.
The remaining group found that Reflexology helped with the following presenting problems:
Irritable uterus
Social Stress
No problems
Immunological Stress
8.1 %
Nose bleeds

It was discovered that the effects of Reflexology on labour outcomes were outstanding. Some had labour times of only 2 hours, some 3 hours. The 20‑25 year olds had an average time of first stage labour of 5 or 6 hours, as did the first time mothers (text book average is 16-24 hours). Second time mothers, 26‑30 year olds, seemed to have longer labours (and may have fallen into the group experiencing more social stress). The second stage of labour lasted an average of 16 minutes (compared to the text book expectancy of 1-2 hours). In this small study it was found that there was very little difference between the labour times of 30 year olds and 40 year olds, even though many of the 40-year-olds were first time mothers – (who had 2‑3 hour labours).
Outcomes for mothers receiving reflexology in the study
Normal Deliveries
Selective C/Section
Emergency C/Section
Immunological Stress
8.1 %
(13.0% in Newham District)
In a separate study in an antenatal clinic, Dr. Motha had found that weekly Reflexology treatments of between 30 to 45 minutes normalised hypertension avoiding the usual hospital admittance for 48 hours rest and observation.
Other benefits of Reflexology in Pregnancy include:
  • Provides a sense of well-being and helps prevent problems from starting.
  • Reduces swelling in feet and ankles
  • Relieves tired, aching feet
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Aids digestion
  • Creates a sense of well-being for the foetus
  • The mother feels supported mentally, physically and emotionally throughout pregnancy.
  • Reflexology during labour can intensify contractions and shortens labour as a result.
When should I have Reiki in Pregnancy?
Reiki can be received at any time during pregnancy - it only ever does good.
In early pregnancy it is appropriate to offer a subtle treatment such as Reiki until the early foetus implants deeply.
Often mothers in early pregnancy find the stillness that is induced during a Reiki session helps them to come to terms with the emotional time of early pregnancy.
As Reiki is a very calming, relaxing therapy it is particularly beneficial when clients have an emotional upset.
The aim of the Gentle Birth Method is to make expectant mothers BIRTHFIT (over and above being medically normal)

Creative Healing Massage was introduced into the programme as a result of the obvious need for the lower back, sacrum and coccyx (together with the muscles associated with those areas) to be extremely mobile and free from congestion to facilitate a gentle birth. Therefore, throughout pregnancy, Creative Healing treatments focus a lot on the spine, pelvic area, sciatic areas and sacrum, because the health and mobility of these areas are directly related to the birthing process. However, as birth is a function of the whole body the Jeyarani schedule of Creative Healing has been developed to align the energy flows in every system of the body. Therefore, Creative Healing treatments for the heart, liver, lungs, pancreas and gut are included at relevant times during the pregnancy.
Creative Healing treatments used during pregnancy include:
  • General Treatment (Lymphatic drainage): The most important aspect of Creative Healing is general lymphatic drainage. This is done on the upper back, middle back and sacrum and is offered throughout pregnancy. Especially important is Pelvic lymphatic drainage, which drains excessive tissue away from the central part of the pelvis and increases the space within the pelvic area, thereby making more room available for the baby’s head to fit into the middle of the pelvis for birth.
  • Abdominal Toning: Good for digestion and assimilation of food - vitally important to maintain the health of the mother and baby.
  • Pancreatic treatment: Excellent for improving digestive function. As well as insulin the pancreas secretes important enzymes to complete the digestion of food. The symptoms of pregnancy associated with the digestive system such as nausea, heartburn, abdominal bloating and constipation improve after a pancreatic treatment. Note: In our programme the pancreas is specifically treated between 32 - 36 weeks to prevent gestational diabetes from developing as the placental hormones might suppress maternal insulin response around this time.
  • Liver: Helpful in stopping nausea and vomiting. These symptoms seem to relate to high levels of circulating tissue toxins that clog up the liver and slow down its detoxification mechanism - a liver treatment can clear these symptoms.
  • Heart Treatment: Given in early pregnancy (to help it cope with the mother’s increase in circulatory blood volume) and before delivery (as the cardiac muscle will have to work quite hard during the birth process). The heart treatment also helps to calm any anxieties and fears that a pregnant mother may have.
  • Hiatus hernia: Helps reduce the feeling of nausea during pregnancy.
  • Back and spine treatment: Helps alleviate backache and helps the whole function of the body. May include the neck treatment, if needed.
  • Thyroid treatment: Helps increase the mother’s energy.
  • Kidney treatment: The kidneys excrete excessive tissue fluids so it is important that they function well.
  • Spleen treatment: Helps immunity.
  • Sacrum drainage and sacro-iliac treatment
– Decongests the pelvis and loosens the sacro-iliac joints ensuring that the sacrum is able to move and mould as the baby drops down. This greatly reduces the second stage of labour (the pushing time).
– Treats constipation
  • Sciatic treatment – Treats the classic symptoms of sciatica.
Note: It is possible for your partner (or a friend or local therapist) to do some of these Creative Healing treatments on you at home. Details on how to do them can be found in our book, The Gentle Birth Method – month by month programme, and they are also available in DVD format.
Exercise & Yoga
Remember, your labour may go on for a few hours – the fitter you are physically, the easier you will be able to sustain your energy levels and so have a better birth experience.
Yoga. Gowri highly recommends yoga during pregnancy; however, it is generally not recommended in the first three months. Slowly introduce it between 14 – 16 weeks of pregnancy and then do at least 20 minutes, daily. Please don’t worry; you do not have to be a gymnast, or contortionist to do yoga. Yoga is good to increase muscular strength and flexibility – which is just what you need when you are getting into your delivery positions!
Walking is a great form of exercise, walk briskly for 30 minutes daily.
Swimming, (preferably in a non-chlorinated pool, such as an ozone-treated pool) once or twice a week. Swimming increases stamina, relaxes the mind, improves circulation, and increases endorphins - the feel-good factor. As well as this, in the water you are a third of your body weight, therefore you will find that you are more mobile and can achieve a greater range of movements of the upper and lower limbs. Swimming also helps you to control your weight gain – it not only burns calories through increasing your fitness level but, when in the water, your body automatically has to heat up your skin so you are burning even more calories – helping you to maintain a trim figure throughout pregnancy. Remember the fitter you are the more enjoyable your birth will be, so build up your stamina over the weeks to your own 'Olympic' standard.
In order that you have an optimum sized baby for your pelvis size, it is important that you don’t overeat during pregnancy. Moreover, the type of foods that you eat can affect the degree to which your pelvis is congested; which then has an impact on the ease of giving birth. These nutritional guidelines have been developed with these factors in mind.
There are 2 types of oil that we recommend that you use:
Pregnancy & Anti-stretch Mark Oil (Choice of the Ayurvedic or Aromatherapy blend)
Perineal & Vaginal Oil, which you should use from 36 weeks. (Dr Motha also recommends that mothers perform a special stretching technique in these last few weeks of pregnancy
Pregnancy & Anti-stretch mark Oil.
This oil is to be used from week 20. It should be applied daily over the abdomen, breasts, waist, hips and buttocks. This oil prevents the development of stretch marks. It is absorbed and helps the elasticity of the underlying tissues. It is also, anti-inflammatory and helps to relieve the aches and pains caused by the stretching of the lower back muscles and pelvic ligaments.
We sell two formulations:
Perineal and Vaginal Oil
To be used from 36 weeks to birth. This oil helps to aid the birth by helping the perineum to expand smoothly during birth. Many mothers have reported back that using the oil has helped them to have intact perineum after giving birth.
Stretching technique
After 36 weeks of pregnancy Dr Motha also recommends that mothers perform a specially devised massage that helps soften and stretch the lower vaginal tissues ready for birthing. It also shortens the pushing stage and reduces vaginal and perineal trauma. Dr Motha can teach this technique to you as it is described fully in the book, The Gentle Birth Method – month by month programme.
During pregnancy the baby requires certain salts, which it gets at the expense of the mother. This programme helps to make good any maternal salt deficiencies and help the baby with its salt requirement.
Remedies: (6c potency)
Calc. Fluor. – for bone development and elasticity of connective tissue (helps prevent stretch marks)
Mag. Phos. – for hearburn and nerve development
Ferr. Phos. – for blood oxygenation
Nat. Mur. – helps control salt, and therefore fluid balance, and helps prevent swollen ankles.
Silica – for teeth, bones, hear and general strength.
The Jeyarani Homeopathic Tissue Salts are especially formulated into one tablet – so you just need to take one, of the specified remedy for that month of pregnancy, twice a day.
Please see The Gentle Birth Method Book– month by month programme.

What are Carrier Oils?

Carrier Oils used in Treatments They are the base oils are used for all the massage and reflexology treatments. According to Wikepedia Carrier Oil definitionCarrier oil, also known as base oil or vegetable oil, is used to dilute essential oils and absolutes before they are applied to the skin in massage and aromatherapy. They are so named because they carry the essential oil onto the skin. Carrier oils do not contain a concentrated aroma, unlike essential oils, though some, such as olive, haven a mild distinctive smell. Neither do they evaporate like essential oils, which are more volatile.The carrier oils used should be as natural and unadulterated as possible. Organic oils should be used where possible. Cold-pressing and maceration are the two main methods of producing carrier oils. Mineral oil should not be used as it is not absorbed by the skin.

There is a range of different carrier oils, each with a various therapeutic properties. Choosing the oil will depend on the area being massaged, the presenting conditions and the clients sensitivity and requirements. For massage, viscosity is a major consideration; for example, grapeseed oil is typically very thin, while olive oil is much thicker. Sunflower, sweet almond and rapeseed oils have viscosities midway between these extremes. Carrier oils can be easily blended to combine their properties of viscosity, acceptability, lubrication, absorption, aroma and so forth.

Calendula (Calendula Officinalis) is an infused oil and has healing anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic qualities. It is suitable for skin problems like nappy rash, eczema, sunburn, chapped skin and rashes. It can help healing of wounds and is soothing and helps skin suppleness. It is not as pure as cold pressed oils due to the maceration process.

Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus Amygdalis var. Dulcis)is a cold pressed oil from the sweet almond nut. It is a great moisturiser and protects the surface of the skin and is probably one of the most popular nourishing carrier oils. It contains vitamin A, B1, B2, B6 and vit E and has a rich concentration of oleic and linoleic essential fatty acids. It is great for softening and conditioning the skin. It does not absorb rapidly but soaks in well after a good massage. It is used on all skin types.*Caution This oil is not used in cases where the client suffers from a nut allergy also do not confuse it with Bitter Almond oil which is toxic.

Wheatgerm Oil (Triticum Vulgare)is a cold pressed oil and comes from the germ of the wheat kernel. It is a rich antioxidant and is high in essential fatty acids and vitamin E. It stabilises other carrier oils if added (5-10%) and preserves their shelf life another few months. It can be used to help reduce scarring after operations and is effective on dry and mature skins. It is very thick and sticky to use on it’s own and is generally mixed with a lighter base oil.*Caution This oil is not used in cases where a client suffers from a wheat allergy.

Avocado Oil (Persea Americana)is a refined cold pressed oil from avocado fruits. It has a high vitamin content A,B and D, contains lecithin, saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids and is a natural antioxidant. It is a great emmolient and great for dry and wrinkled skin and can be used intensively on the face. The unrefined version turns cloudy when chilled and has a strong odour. The refined version removes the odour and dark colour. It is generally added to other base oils as it can be sticky if used alone for massage.

Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia Chinensis)is a liquid wax and is normally blended with other carrier oils as it is too expensive to use alone. It is a wonderful to use on extremely dry mature skin and helps minimize lines and wrinkles as it is rejuvenating and enhances new cell growth. It treats excessive sebum production (oily skin and acne) as it can dissolve the sebum. It also treats dry skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis with it’s smooth and nourishing properties.

Evening Primrose Oil (Oenothera Biennis) is from the evening primrose flower seeds. It contains linoleic and gammo-linoleic acid (known for assisting in reducing pre-menstrual tension It is moisturising, softening and protective and can accelerate healing of wounds and scars. It is effective for treating dry skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, rosacea and dandruff. As it is expensive it is best to blend it with another carrier oil (10%).*Caution do not use if pregnant or breast feeding.

Peach Kernel Oil (Prunus Persica) is from the stone/seeds of the peach. It is regenerative and moisturising and effective particularly for dry and mature skin. It is a light penetrating easily absorbed oil that protects and nourishes the skin. It is rich in vitamins A, B1 B2 and B6. It contains oleic and linoleic fatty acids. It is softening non-greasy and nourishing all for all skin types.

Macadamia Nut Oil (Macadamia Integrifolia/Macadamia Tegrifolia)is from the macadamia nut. It contains palmitoleic acid and is great for dry/wrinkled skin. It is useful for both dry and oily skin conditions. It is considered to be anti-aging and a wonderful emollient.

Calendula (Calendula Officinalis) is an infused oil and has healing anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic qualities. It is suitable for skin problems like nappy rash, eczema, sunburn, chapped skin and rashes. It can help healing of wounds and is soothing and helps skin suppleness. It is not as pure as cold pressed oils due to the maceration process.

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Holistic Massage

This massage is based on Swedish Massage techniques manipulating the soft tissues & muscles of the body. This system was developed by a physiologist who found it helped physical conditions & improvements in health. This encourages cell renewal, better skin tone, cellulite reduction, lymphatic drainage & detoxification. It eases out tired & stressed minds & bodies. The power of touch is one of the most ancient healing methods & this treatment soothes, relaxes & leaves the client in a state of pure bliss.

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Indian Head Massage

This treatment is based on ancient Ayurvedic techniques involving work on the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp, hair (it is still suitable for those with thinning hair or bald heads) & face. A variety of massage movements are used to relieve accumulated tension, stimulate circulation and restore joint movement & completely give our heads a well deserved rest. It is a wonderfully relaxing therapy & helps balance natural energies & clear any localised areas of negativity.

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Reflexology is used to activate the healing powers of the body by pressing on reflex areas on the feet, hands or ears. It is mainly a process of treating points & areas on the feet that relate to corresponding parts of the body, mind and spirit. The soles of the feet reflect the whole body. The soles of the feet reflect the whole body, the organs, the skeletal, nervous, circulatory, endocrine & lymphatic systems. It can enhance fertility & also helps mothers during pregnancy (after first trimester) to be comfortable in all aspects. It can help with nausea, gestational diabetes, reduces swelling in hands, feet & ankles. Reflexology has been found to ease common symptoms of pregnancy and facilitate the smooth progress of labour. It is deeply soothing and encourages the body to naturally heal itself & eliminate toxins and negativity. Reflexology is great for reducing stress, soothing emotions increasing energy levels, inducing relaxation & bringing the body back into balance.

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Aromatherapy is the use of concentrated aromatic liquids known as 'essential oils'. These plant oils are found in flowers, leaves, berries, herbs, roots, grasses, twigs & bark. These blends can be used in a variety of ways for examples in soothing massage, inhalations, compresses, baths, at home, in the office, the list is endless. Our sense of smell through the various aromas can invoke great emotions & clearing for the body. Essential oils of aromatic plants have been used for thousands of years for their healing, preserving, cleansing & mood-enhancing qualities.

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Reiki is a healing practice used to promote balance & energy throughout the whole system. Reikidoes not involve physical manipulation or the ingestion or application of any substances, but works with the subtle vibrational field known to surround the body. Hands are held over and on the body in various energy centres known as chakra's & replenish these areas on many levels with clearing positive healing energy. If can help relieve depression, illness, addictions, stress & promotes balance & a deep feeling of peace & calmness. Reiki is also a tool for personal growth.

A Reiki practitioner has been attuned to the healing energy field that surrounds us in the Universe. They are a channel for this healing energy to enter the client's body and increase the flow of positive energy. This stimulates and activates their energy system and through these gentle non-intrusive techniques the healing begins. Reiki can be given seated or on a plinth where the client lies down with their eyes closed. The client remains fully dressed and is covered with a blanket for warmth and comfort. The Reiki practitioner will then place her hands on to the client with the intent of transmitting the healing energy of the Universe to the client. Generally they will feels a warm / cold tingling sensation in the palms of the hands. The client receiving Reiki will sense of inner tranquility, deep relaxation, sometimes a meditative state, some fall asleep and they may also feel some heat flowing through their body. Hand positions used are on / above the client's head, over the eyes, shoulders, limbs and trunk. Reiki energy will flow to the area of the mind or body that needs this energy most. Some clients have found that during a Reiki session they have received insights into issues that they were facing in their lives. Others have found alleviation of physical symptoms.

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