Friday, February 1, 2013

The 'Nurture Special'

A few months ago one of my regular massage clients arrived and said she would like to try reflexology but she wasn't sure because she loved her massage so much. After a little think I suggested that we do a bit of both. She was thrilled and so off we went. I adapted the treatment to what she needed at the time and she left a very happy customer. Next time she came back she simply said, 'Can I have the Nurture Special please' and so that's what I've decided to call it!

It's not just limited to massage and reflexology however. It can be a combination of any two treatments. 

So what combination does your heart desire?
Get your wish list fulfilled with a mix of therapies in a 90 minute 'Nurture Special'! You choose!

Loretta's suggested combinations:

- Facial Massage & Reflexology*
- Back, Neck, Shoulders & Facial Massage
- Hand Massage & Reflexology*
- Reiki & Subtle Aromatherapy (using aromatherapy oils in the auric field)

'Nurture Special' - 90mins for €90
Gift Vouchers available

* Reflexology is a holistic therapy that, to have full effect, involves full treatment of all the points in the feet over the space of 50 minutes. The reflexology mentioned above is a shorter treatment designed for relaxation as part of a combination package. Full therapeutic reflexology is also available as is maternity reflexology as their own separate treatments.